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Lucie Leroux

Textile designer
Founder of Laboratoire Textile

Trained in design and architecture in France, Lucie Leroux began her career in architectural lighting and 3D modeling. It was while working on projects such as the Shanghai World Expo that she became interested in light and pattern.

While looking for screen printing courses in Lyon, she discovered by chance the textile design and printing training program in Montreal and flew to Quebec in 2009. What was supposed to be a year of learning and travel turned into a new vocation. After working on costumes for Cirque du Soleil, and collaborating on several projects, she co-founded Collectif Textileand has been teaching textile design since 2015.

She launched Laboratoire Textile in 2012 at the end of her craft training, a playground where she explores textile design through various research and creative projects.
Combining both craftsmanship and new technologies, she places the material at the center of her tactile explorations; and light at the center of his visual experiments.

Mille et un plis

Inspired by Nordic sobriety, Laboratoire Textile patiently handcrafts geometrically poetic lamps in Montreal, one fold at a time.

From drawing, to pattern design, to the development of new folded shapes, the creative process is complex and meticulous. And it is with an almost architectural approach that the lamp object is studied and designed to offer new volumes to each of the rooms it will integrate.

Folded and screen-printed by hand, Laboratoire Textile lampshades are entirely designed and manufactured by Lucie Leroux.

Plain or with screen-printed patterns, Laboratoire Textile invites you to let your gaze wander among the mountains and valleys of the folds, to take time for this moment of contemplation.

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