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Lucie Leroux

Textile designer
Founder of Laboratoire Textile

After graduating in design and architecture in France, Lucie Leroux began her career in the field of architectural lighting before settling in Montreal where she discovered textile printing.

Co-founder of ct•studio, a pattern design agency and of the blog Collectif Textile, she also teaches Textile design.

Since 2012, Lucie Leroux has been exploring textile design through various research and creation projects.
Combining both craftsmanship and new technologies, she places the material at the center of her tactile explorations; and light at the center of his visual experiments.

Laboratoire Textile

Laboratoire Textile is a lamp design studio based in Montreal, Canada.
By combining origami and folding with textile design techniques, the studio creates unique lights. The lamps, with modern and minimalist lines, ornate all interiors with a touch of warmth and personality.

Folded and screen-printed by hand, Laboratoire Textile's lampshades are entirely designed by Lucie Leroux.
From drawing, to pattern design, to the development of new folded shapes, the creative process is complex and meticulous. And it is with an almost architectural approach that the lamp object is studied and designed to offer new volumes to each of the rooms it will integrate.

Laboratoire Textile manufactures all of its lamps by hand in Montreal. The handwork and passion for textiles pegged to the body. Light and textures as a creative guideline.

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