Creative process


Lucie Leroux designs objects for the home with pure lines and graphic motifs inspired by nature and geometry.

Her approach is part of an ongoing quest for the right form, until the form imposes itself through the emotion it arouses.

Each piece is the result of a carefully executed, slow and meticulous craft process, a harmonious combination of aesthetics, durability and functionality.

Each lamp is a territory for visual experimentation.

Laboratoire Textile - Savoir-faire - Imaginer



Concerned about her environmental impact, she designs each object to limit cutting waste. When cutting waste is unavoidable, it is carefully preserved for future projects.

That's why Lucie Leroux produces its lamps mainly to order. To manufacture only what is necessary.



Screen printing

Thanks to her expertise in textile design, Lucie Leroux prints each motif by hand with water-based inks using the screen-printing process.
The patterns applied to these lamps are designed to follow the movement of the folds and interact with the light.
First drawn in two dimensions, the pattern then becomes a three-dimensional graphic element once the final shape is folded.



From a simple strip of fabric to a three-dimensional lamp, the folding stage gives the final shape to each lamp, which requires up to 2.75 meters of fabric.

The folds are first marked using custom-made templates. Then each lamp is patiently folded by hand, one fold at a time. 

Discovering each object gradually take shape through these precise, repeated gestures is a constantly renewed surprise. 

The name of each model corresponds to the number of folds needed to achieve each shape.



At once simple and complex, the folding technique creates elegant shapes with pure lines in volume. Lamps take shape solely through the fold, without the addition of reinforcement, glue or seams.



Each lamp is made from a non-woven textile composed of post-consumer recycled synthetic natural fibers. The structure and composition of this material make it more resistant than paper to tearing and creasing, and more stable to humidity, enabling the application of a non-toxic flame retardant without the lamp deforming.

Laboratoire Textile - pliage à la main


Wabi sabi

Wabi sabi is a concept of Japanese origin that is both aesthetic and spiritual, celebrating beauty in imperfection and impermanence. Each lamp bears the imprint of the gesture that shaped it. Slight variations are part of the manufacturing process, making each object unique.