Creative process

Laboratoire Textile - Savoir-faire - Imaginer



Bringing together design and crafts, the "Mille et un pli" collection combines the work of textiles with a neat and functional design where every detail is carefully thought out.
Concerned about the planet, Laboratoire Textile works with materials with reduced environmental impact.

In addition, each lamp is designed to generate as little waste as possible during the manufacturing process. 

The minimalist style of the Mille et un plis lamps, influenced by Japanese know-how and Scandinavian sobriety, will accompany you over time with its pure lines and timeless shapes.



With its expertise in textile design, Laboratoire Textile explores its love of geometry even in the design of patterns with graphic lines.

They are then printed by hand with water-based inks using the screen printing process.
The patterns applied on the fabrics have been designed to accompany the movement of the folds of each light fixtures.
First drawn in two dimensions, the pattern then becomes a three-dimensional graphic element once the final shape is folded.

Tone on tone or contrasted, the pattern plays with light to create an elegant play of shadows and lights.



From a simple strip of fabric to a three-dimensional lamp, the folding step gives each lamp its final shape.

The folds are first marked using custom-made templates. Then each lamp is patiently folded by hand, one fold at a time. Discovering objects take shape is a constantly renewed surprise. 

Discovering each object gradually taking shape through these precise and repeated gestures is a constantly renewed surprise. 



Both simple and complex, the folding technique allows me to create elegant shapes with architectural lines in volume, without glue or seam.

This is why the final assembly of the luminaires is done simply using a waxed cotton thread, allowing the shape of the lamp to be adjusted.