– Bloom Sushi

2022 – Laboratoire Textile x Atelier Zebulon Perron

Located at Place des Festivals in Montreal, the restaurant Bloom Sushi was designed byAtelier Zebulon Perronrenowned for its elegant bar and restaurant fittings. Four examples of the N°135 lamp alongside local creations such as paper sculptures by Pauline Loctin and wallpaper by Walls of Ivy in a soft, colorful environment.

– C2 Mtl

2022 - Clouds

The team of C2 Montréal trusted Laboratoire Textile to bring two geometric clouds to life on the main stage of the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Composed of 480 triangles cut, folded and assembled by hand, this technical challenge allowed Laboratoire Textile to explore new territory.

Photo: C2 Montréal
Design: C2 Montreal

– The crows

2015 - costume for Klô Pelgag.

Costume design and creation for Klô Pelgag's "Les Corbeaux" video clip.
These devoured ramie veil adornments were created using artisanal screen printing techniques.

True to Klô Plegag's mysterious, playful and often surreal universe, this huge lace contains hidden motifs of strawberries, bananas, doughnuts and ice cream.

Video production: BAZ
Production: Roméo & Fils

- Shanghai World Expo

2010 – Architectural pattern

Lucie Leroux began her career in lighting by working for the CNRS at the Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Habitat, more specifically in 3D modeling of architectural lighting renderings. This seemingly highly technical job, far removed from the material, was her first contact with light and pattern.

As project manager for the UBPA (urban best practices) zone at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, her role was to turn the vision of lighting designers and engineers into images. An experience that went well beyond image simulation, as a pattern of shadowy insects climbing tall grass came to life on a 40-metres-long building during this international event. Here we clearly see the beginnings of his current approach, in which motifs interact with light.

Lighting design: Ingelux and Cobalt Lumière
Photo: Région Rhône Alpes