– Battle of the sun

2013 – Cols façon dentelle – Spoiler Magazine.

These devoured ramie veil adornments were created using artisanal screen printing techniques.

This project was born from a reflection on the reinterpretation of the classic codes of ornamental lace under a contemporary gaze. A nod to the Renaissance and to floral motifs. 

Photo : Emma Géraud | Au coin de la rue
Production : Maïa Wallis et Cécile Viger | Au coin de la rue
Stylist: Véronique Coulombe (skirt Matière Noire)
Hair: Stéphanie Bourgault
Make up: Jeany Belair
Model:: Simon-Pierre, Specs Ageny, Clémence, Tuxedo Agency
Editorial: “Battle for the Sun”, Spoiler Magazine, Numéro 3

– The crows

2015 – costume for Klô Pelgag.

Costume design and creation for the video clip "Les Corbeaux" by Klô Pelgag.
These devoured ramie veil adornments were created using artisanal screen printing techniques.

True to the mysterious, playful, and often surrealist world of Klô Plegag, this huge ruff contains hidden patterns of strawberries, bananas, beiges and ice cream.

Video production: BAZ
Production: Roméo & Fils

Laboratoire_Textile - Portfolio-Dentelle

- Lace

2013 – 2015 – Textile works.

Inspired by the graphic representations of three-dimensional volumes generated by modelling software, these pieces of lace play with full and empty. The fabric replaces the pencil line. The screen pattern gives the illusion of a volume that blurs the viewer's perception.

Ramie veil. Silkscreen artisanal techniques.
Donut: 17 x 17’
Paysage: 20 x 20’
Sans titre: 11 x 17’

– Géométrie variable

2014 - Textile work.
Finalist for the François Houdé Prize.

Here the motif is born from the destruction of the textile material. The entanglement of the lines echoes that of the threads of bobbin lace to create a decorative motif that plays on our perception of virtual volume, where ladies' work and computer-generated images meet.

Ramie veil. Silkscreen artisanal techniques.
Dimensions: 22 x 21 x 1″